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Get a Grip on the Bible: A Study Guide: Genesis Through Ruth



PUBLICATION DATE: December 20, 2023


ASIN: 978-1664205529

ISBN-10: 1664205527

ISBN-13: 978-1664205529

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Kindle & Paperback


Did you ever start to read the Bible and then give up? If so, this Get a Grip approach could help you get into the Word with confidence.


Get a Grip—on the Bible is designed to provide enough information to help you familiarize yourself with each book but not so much that you get overwhelmed. For each book covered, author Jerry L. Burton discusses who wrote it, why and when it was written, and the intended audience. He also explores the culture and history of the time, offering additional context. He also shares a few key narratives in a storytelling format, exploring key doctrines that appear consistently throughout the Bible. Using this method, you’ll soon have confidence in your ability to study and understand God’s Word.


Formatted for use by Sunday school classes, small-group Bible studies, and individuals, this study guide presents a comfortable way of learning the basics of the Bible.


"Wonderful book. My men’s group leader wrote this book and I can talk to Jerry about it. It is worth the wait and I am reading the Bible from beginning to end to answer the questions in the book and am glad I am reading the Bible and understand the concepts in the Bible instead of just reading verses."

"I've done a lot of Bible studies and very much enjoyed this one. Get a Grip on the Bible was very helpful breaking down the key elements of the first eight books of the Bible. The questions are thought-provoking and provide the opportunity for the information to sink in. I especially appreciate the workbook-type format. I look forward to seeing the next study guide by Burton."

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